Azure Regions

Umair Anhar
2 min readOct 15, 2021

When we talk about Azure Regions, I just want to give a note when it comes to the global infrastructure, for the Azure platform. So more often than not, when you start using the services on Azure, So when you start creating a resource based on a service, you are going to choose a particular region in the Azure infrastructure for the deployment of your resource. So Azure has a global presence wherein they have their data centers located across the world.

So if I go onto the global infrastructure link, if I click on Start Exploring.

Here, I can scroll down and click explore the globe.

Then open up an infrastructure map. Here, if you want, you can skip the intro and you can see the entire globe. so you can explore the globe.

Here, you can actually go on to the map feature and you can see all of the locations across the world where Azure has a presence.

So I said when you use a service on the Azure platform, you will need to choose more often than, not what is the region of the service that you are going to use. So in the beginning, I just want to give you a feel when it comes to the Azure global infrastructure.