Resource Group

Umair Anhar
3 min readOct 13, 2021

The resource group is just used as a logical container for your resources. I’m going to show you how to create something known as a resource group.

When you create a resource based on service on this platform, this resource has to be part of something known, as a resource group.

Sometimes you could create resource groups based on applications, so you might have applications, that might have their own resource group, and it will have resources under that resource group that belongs to that application.

Or you might have a resource group department-wise. You might have a resource group for each department. And only the resources that the department is using will be part of that resource group. It helps to logically manage your resources. So it has to be part of a resource group.

Create a Resource Group

When creating resources in Microsoft Azure, there are prerequisites to be considered

Should have an Azure Account (Free Account/ Pay-as-you-go Account)

Steps for the creation of Resource Group

  1. Click on the menu icon

2. Click on the Resource Group menu

3. You will be navigated to the Resource Group section and Hit on create

4. So here, I’ll choose my subscription and here I’ll give a name for my resource group. So I just give a name and I’ll just choose a location for my resource group.

5. So if you want to add any sort of metadata for this resource group. Just leave it as it is. I’ll go on to review and create and let me hit on create.

6. Let me hit on create

When you create something on the Azure platform in the Azure portal, you’ll actually get a wizard that will help you in the creation of that resource or in this case, our resource group. So you saw that there was a wizard that actually helped you create this resource group. So here we have the resource group in place.

You can see the overview of the resource group below. Currently, there are no resources that are part of this resource group.

Please note that there is no cost associated with creating a resource group.

This is just a prerequisite because as I mentioned if you want to create a resource on the Azure platform, it needs to be part of a resource group.4

That’s why we went ahead with the creation of the resource group itself.